We provide customized virtual and on location secretarial and document preparation services to businesses, legal offices and non-profit organisations. Our affordable plans are itemized yet flexible to suit your workflow influxes and time sensitive projects. We strive to assist you to maintain the mundane office work and draft the templates that you will use to secure your future contracts and business opportunities. At Lex Nova Core we understand that confidentiality and trust comes first. We are committed to maintaining the integrity and success of your company.

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Directed by Gillian Rowe, she brings her combined 13 years’ experience in the legal, entrepreneurial and non-governmental organisation sectors to offer our services to clients. The 21st century has ushered in an age of increased technology and we take advantage of the best platforms to execute your company’s goals. We value relationships. This means that we take the time to know you and then help you execute your work, manage your communication platforms and produce accurate and thorough documents. Having worked with organisations in Barbados, Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines we also provide a unique insight into the Caribbean region. Our experience in working with virtual platforms will assist you in making your goals truly limitless.

Document Preparation

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We can help you in the earliest stages to document the points in a brainstorming or strategic planning meeting, take notes and prepare minutes for board or committee meetings or assist in drafting documents and presentations for end stage execution or delivery.

Case Analysis

Secretarial and Email Management

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This includes managing inbox correspondence and following a plan that increases your company’s engagement with clients.

Legal Research and Writing

Communications Service

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Whether virtually or at your location, we can provide phone call services, website and social media platform management.

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"We provide communication and document preparation service solutions. Our aim is to be the most trusted business tool for the Caribbean region."

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